Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) March 21, 2013

When launching an online business, owners must be constantly on their toes not only with regard to competition but also with algorithm changes from search engines which may affect their online visibility.

In the past few days, the online world has been abuzz over possible new Panda and Penguin updates from search engine giant Google, with Webspam team head Matt Cutts hinting at a big redesign in their algorithm waiting in the wings.

Previous algorithm updates have emphasized that when it comes to better search page rankings, there are no shortcuts. For many business owners, particularly those who are building a site from scratch instead of buying established websites for sale, this means that the use of cheap backlinks, automated tools and the over-manipulation of backlinks can lead to penalty slaps. Conversely, constantly adding fresh, relevant and helpful content as well as participating in forums and industry blogs, making worthwhile comments on other people’s blogs, and submitting guest content can help improve a website’s online visibility.

The common pitfalls that lead to penalty slaps are often resorted to by business owners who are overzealous in promoting their new websites. Typically, owners of new websites resort to dubious or outdated schemes of promoting their websites. In light of the algorithm changes, this can mean a waste of time, money and effort, all of which could have been otherwise allocated to more worthwhile endeavors (like the creation of quality content).

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