LinkWheel is the technology that does work for me and I believe that it will work for you too if you follow the norms and conditions associated with the topic. LinkWheel can actually turn your site into real cash but the catch only becomes effective when you implement every detail precisely and make no mistake about it. There are people who spend years researching on the topic and thus finding out the mistakes they have been doing but you can certainly avoid them and start ruling the search engines right away.

The LinkWheel evolution is an important thing to be understood before just jumping into the situation. You might be interested in links that are related to the niche of your website in order to get optimized results. There are a number of mediums to drive traffic to your website. If you spread inbound links all over the web, you will certainly land on the first page of the Google. The links need to be genuine in all respects and high in terms of quality. The best practice here is to opt for inbound links that are provided through a link wheel assembly.

A series of Web 2.0 properties each termed as spoke is called a LinkWheel. The technical part is that each element points to the other elements in the same series and all the elements collectively point towards the site marketed. There are a number of types that LinkWheel has transformed into. These are:

* Number of Spokes (8, 12, 24, 48,…)
* Number of words in article that you have written for each property (350, 450, 550, 700,…)
* Uniqueness of the content written in each property element (Completely Unique, 50% Spun Version, 30% Spun Version,…)

These three simple types of LinkWheel will lets you create a number of variations and once you get everything in the optimized state, you get everything perfect.

You will certainly be interested into the Link Wheel that works perfectly when it comes to all the technical glitches associated with it.

There are two ways to get everything at the right place: either to experiment all the different combination’s that can possibly work or to look out for some sound advice and support from experts. The first one is certainly a painstaking one and you will rather not wish to get yourself involved in the first one.

You wish to please Google online more than anything else in the online world. You might have justification for one action while nothing for the other. The point is to hit accurately on the nodes more than anything else. The following does make a lot of difference:

* Number of Spokes: The Ideal selection for the number of spokes is no more than 12.
* Keyword: You get to have optimized results using keywords that have four or more words. You might also refer to them as Long Tail Keywords.
* Web 2.0 Properties: Select from amongst the many properties available yet focus on just 12 of them. Make sure that you don’t overlook hub pages and Squidoo Lens in these.
* Uniqueness in Content: Against 12 spokes and 12 properties, you will need 12 articles that pass CopyScape. The articles must contain the desired information for the target market. Provide quality information after researching as this sets up your credibility as well.
* Keyword Density: Keyword Density is an important consideration and it should never rise beyond 2%. The optimized is once every 100 words.
* Word Count: Word Count is another important one: keep it 500 at least for quality results.
* Web 2.0 Profile: The profile needs to focus 12 Web 2.0 Properties with original images and correct information.
* Web 2.0 Modules: Web 2.0 is all about interactive modules so you need to make sure that you give away quality content in terms of photos and videos as well.

Getting all the aforementioned conditions implemented can help you a great deal but make sure that you don’t make mess while putting the articles online. The best way perhaps is to have a few days off from the Link Wheel. This will let the search engines crawl through the content in the natural tone thus allowing you to get natural traffic to the information that you have put online.

After the break go and add some links to the articles: one link to the spoke referring to and one to the main site you are marketing. Get another 2-3 days break before you start bookmarking in Digg, Stumble Upon or

After two weeks will be the high time that you will praise us for this high quality content. Open your browser and then Search for the long tail keywords and see the wonder happen.

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