Twitter has hit the online social networking community by storm and with a vengeance. It may end up being the number one social network in a very short time. Right now it is number three behind MySpace and Facebook and was recently launched in August of 2006. Twitter is available worldwide so it allows you to communicate with potential customers and friends across the globe.

It is a great application for business to help get new customers and more customers in to your front door. There are ways to target Twitter users by geographical location. This will allow a businessperson who owns a pizzeria in the Chicago area to let people on Twitter know the pizzeria is running a two-for-one special next Tuesday. This form of advertisement can go on all day long. Think of the number of followers you can get.

The business could also advertise they are on Twitter through their in-house e-mail system, their menus if there are restaurant, through traditional advertising, as well as television and print advertising. The sky is the limit as well as your imagination when it comes to using Twitter for business purposes.

The downside is when being used for business is that it can be a distraction which can take away from your valuable work time. Make sure you stay focused and you only go on Twitter for business reasons you plan out ahead of time. Save the socializing on Twitter for after work hours. Make sure you tweet is often as possible so your presence is well known. It also helps to make sure your user name is the same name as your business name. This means every time you send the tweet it is an advertisement for your business.

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