(PRWEB) May 15, 2013

In the search engine optimization industry, there is no telling what is going to happen next with Googles updates and many algorithm changes, which is why 1SEO.com always stays up to date on all the latest news to have the most effective marketing strategy. What most businesses dont realize is how big of a part content plays in an SEO strategy. The professionals from 1SEO.com have recently revealed how content marketing impacts a businesses online presence for both local and nationally organizations.

Not only does content provide the audience and potential clients with answers to their questions, but it also offers value and the chance for readers to understand who, what, and where a business is coming from. With that in mind, the SEO company in Philadelphia also reveals that Google rewards those who put effort into their websites. The Director of Content Writing, Lora M. Novak, knows very well that coming up with the most natural and unique content is important to a successful content marketing strategy. Increasing the amount of content on a website improves authorship, making it more relevant in the searches. 1SEO.com sees far too often how businesses just dont have the time to write pages of content for their website. However, by pointing the content writers in the right direction, this will allow them to expand on their knowledge so that the target audience finds it compelling and valuable.

They cannot stress enough how important content is for every aspect of Internet marketing, whether it is pay per click or search engine optimization. By having the most up to date content on a website, blog, and social media pages, this will allow potential customers to better understand businesses and potentially make their website appear on the first few pages of search engines. So, for those who overlook their content marketing strategy, they might want to reconsider as 1SEO.com reveals that in order for a great SEO strategy and online presence, a website must have unique content.

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