In the age of internet marketing and fierce competition, just creating a website and publishing it won’t solve the purpose. You would have to make constant efforts to make your presence felt on the web. Regular update with quality backlinks form an important part of getting a site ranked in major search engine result page. One of the easiest, most powerful and effective ways is too build link through web 2.0 linkwheels.

Do you know what LinkWheel is?

A method used by sites to outperform other peer sites in terms of search engine ranking is known as linkwheel. In this technique, 6 or more than 6 web pages are made in different web 2.0 platforms and then these are linked with the home page and with each other. When you avail this service, you get started with many web 2.0 properties like Hubpages, Squidoo pages or any other similar platform. These properties offer the facility of making any number of sub-domains they want to. Once SEO companies are done with the complete procedure, you are on your way of gaining profit and becoming famous.

How Does a Link Wheel Works?

Companies which provide linkwheel service have a sound knowledge of the fact that properties of web 2.0 sites are preferred by the bigwig search engines like Yahoo and Google. This fact would be utilized to the maximum by the search engine marketing companies who would post useful and unique content on it.

After posting, task of marketing these properties begins that increases its ranking and makes it famous in front of search engines. Some time passes and marketing company places links in between every domain, with the purpose of benefiting every website.

The next move would be carried on much faster than the previous one. The profit thus gained from hyperlinks to every site would be equalized. Whether it is a PR 1 or PR 2 site, hyperlink profit is surely true and authenticated. In this way a steady platform is made for you to start putting together links which would head towards your website.

In the complete web 2.0 platforms, links to your website are placed which have gained and improved their page rank. Amazing outcomes would be evident after links to your main site are placed in the wheel. Useful and efficient backlinks are provided by the sites which are in the linkwheel and have increased page rank.

What are Some Web 2.0 Linkwheel Sites?

User friendly and relevant pages are being made by the webmasters with the help of web 2.0 properties. These pages are more interactive and dynamic. Some of these sites are:,,,, etc. each of these sites and some more are web 2.0 sites and you may write content on them. Keep in mind to use sites which have dofollow links so that the link effect passes from one site to another.

Relevant and one of the most profitable methods of link building is linkwheel. Carefully implemented techniques ensure you get quality traffic for your site and PR also increases. Constant and patient efforts are required to see the fruits of your profit bloom. Even a single negligence would cost you the page rank of your site and ruin your business profits. Well planned and complete knowledge about this technique is thus, highly recommended to derive maximum benefit from it.

SEO Experts are utilizing this method of link building services extensively as they find it more profitable. When done with good knowledge and preparation, you are bound to get positive results and maximum profits. For more information, visit

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